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About Elklan
Elklan courses support the development of communication in children and young people. The training programmes are accredited courses which clearly focus on the specific target group of children or young people they are designed to train practitioners to support. All courses are written by specialist speech and language therapists.

The content of the programmes is determined through extensive research of current literature and observation of best practice from within schools, other settings, and speech and language therapy services.

The learners are taught practical, evidence informed and highly effective strategies which have been proved to work with young children.

Elklan training is used extensively across the UK and Elklan have posted evaluation reports on their website

The benefits of Elklan
Once a member of staff in a school has been trained using an Elklan course they are of huge benefit because they:

Can work more effectively with children with speech, language and communication difficulties
Be a specialist resource to the other members of staff in the school.
Support the communication development of all children in the school environment across the curriculum and in the playground too!
Know how to interpret SLT reports and programmes which means they can be implemented more easily and effectively.
Know how to modify their interactions which is of benefit to ALL children.
Can support a child with speech difficulties who has a speech therapy programme to follow.
Are more confident in dealing with children with mild speaking and listening difficulties and know which need to be seen by the speech and language therapist.

The courses
COMMUNICATE are proud to offer all Elklan courses, with the following ones running most regularly. Please click their title for further information:

All Elklan courses are accredited through apt awards. Some of the level 3 courses are registered on the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework (QCF). All Elklan courses are nationally recognised qualifications and are therefore of value to both employers and employees. A list of the course levels and credit values can be found on their website.

For all training enquiries, please use the enquiry form  or call Hannah on 07738 967901

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