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Classroom Talk and Questioning: How BLANK Levels Affect Participation in Classroom Problem Solving

"Do you know the average wait time a Teacher pauses after asking a question in the classroom? It is one second.....Just one " ( ....But what if some of the children in your classroom do not understand the questions you are asking!

The BLANK Language Scheme is an invaluable structured tool which can be used to support children in developing their understanding of a range of question types including "why" and "how", which is essential for verbal reasoning skills and making progress within the classroom.

Learners will have the opportunity to understand how the comprehension of questions develops and maps onto understanding of abstract language.

This session will provide insight into how to support those children with delayed language or more specific difficulties with social communication.

There will be a specific focus on developing activities and differentiating curriculum tasks to make them accessible.


Date Thursday 10th May 2018
Time 3.45pm - 5.45pm
Fee £30
Suitability KS1-3, SENCOs, Class Teachers, TAs / Support Staff
Booking Deadline Two weeks prior to the course

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